May 2020: COVID-19 and limited public access to Arm End.

From Monday 11 May, Parks & Wildlife Services (PWS) advises that Tasmanian residents are able to exercise in national parks and reserves (including beaches) in their local area.

Access to Arm End is therefore limited to residents located within a 30km distance by road.

Residents must still maintain and observe physical distancing rules, limit groups to two people, except for household members, and move on once exercise is completed.

Please respect this direction from Parks & Wildlife for the safety of our community and our state.

Note: this limited access to national parks and reserves follows the closure of all PWS reserved lands declared under the Nature Conservation Act 2002 on 26 March to prevent non-essential travel during the COVID-19 pandemic

For more information see and read their FAQs here:

Local residents are welcomed back to enjoy this special place.


Visitors to Arm End Reserve have historically had access to the entire site and our lease reiterates the public’s reasonable right to access the land.*


  1. Now/before construction – access as usual.
  2. During construction – paths, etc. Temporary limitations may be imposed where construction work is being undertaken. The site is large and will remain open during the entire process.
  3. When the golf course opens. A respectful and shared use of all the land by all users – golfers and all other visitors alike – will be actively encouraged.Courtesy and common sense can provide an enjoyable and positive experience for everyone.
    1. When reasonable, non-golfers are encouraged to walk on and enjoy the natural beauty of the golf course and its skilled architectural design. If the fairways are quiet, it’s early morning or later in the day it’s the chance to take a different walking or jogging route around the 116 hectare site.
    2. When golfers are playing through mutual respect by all users is encouraged. Golfers will, as always, show due etiquette and will not hit up if anyone is within their hitting range. They’ll wait, enjoy the spectacular views and wave to say have hello!

* Our lease outlines the access conditions for the public’s use of the land.
Section 2.3: Access and Public use to be provided.
The lessee acknowledges and agrees that it must throughout the Term:
Part (a) refers to the transmission tower and access
Part (b)…
“provide reasonable rights of access by foot and bicycle across the Land during the Term to enable the general public to enjoy the public amenity aspects of the Development including undertaking walks on the Land ( it being acknowledged that the general public is able to walk ( but not bicycle) on the fairways of the golf links component of the development where such crossing will not unreasonably interfere with the use of the golf links by golf players and is not otherwise unreasonable in the circumstances).”