Project Update – 1 March 2020

March 1, 2020

The Arm End team would like to provide the following update on the project, particularly regarding the Reuse Water Pipeline and more broadly on the Arm End site.

Reuse Water Pipeline Our drilling contractor recently advised of a gap in their schedule to complete our HDD requirements for the pipeline which presented us with a short timeline. The project team has therefore been busily trying to progress the regulatory (Parks and Council) approval conditions, detail design checks (quality assurance/control), pipe assembly logistics and other sub-contractor availability to complete the required drill shots and pipe installation for the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) component of the pipeline project.

While we have been working very hard to meet the proposed 16 March start date, after detailed consultation with regulatory authorities, engineering designers, other required contractors and sub- contractors plus confirming the time required to have all the above logistics approved, verified and detailed, we have decided not to take advantage of the drilling contractor’s scheduling.

For the Project team to be confident of achieving our aims, while also meeting all our approval condition responsibilities, we have decided more time is needed before commencing with the HDD component for the pipeline. Consequently, we will now reschedule our HDD works and most likely undertake these activities after November 15th, 2020 (after the handfish breeding/spawning season) or possibly in late May/June 2020 to complete works before July 15th (start of the handfish breeding/spawning season). We will update the timeline once we have rescheduled confirmation for the HDD contractors.

In addition, the project team is also progressing the following Pipeline works:

  • Water agreement with TasWater – now progressed to the final details of the contract negotiations.
  • Internal TasWater approvals for Blackmans Bay site layout and design requirements for reuse water infrastructure.
  • Undertaking concept design and cost estimates for increasing the specification from Class B Water to Class A Water.
  • Completed geotechnical drilling, investigation and report for the HDD works.
  • Completed detail design and constructions drawings for the HDD works.
  • Completing pre-construction approval conditions, including Construction Environmental Management Plan.
  • Completing final detailed design and construction drawings for pipeline and associated infrastructure.
  • Completing final detailed survey of pipeline route and identifying below and above ground services.
  • Confirming and engaging with contractors to complete the pipeline works.
  • Key stakeholder consultation, including meetings with residents of Algona Street and surrounds about the HDD component of the works.
  • Liaising with EPA and Council in terms of discussing regulatory requirements for the use of reuse water.
  • Working up information packs and processes for resident uptake of water from the pipeline.

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