Arm End is a multi-use public recreation reserve on a spectacular headland at the tip of the South Arm Peninsula in Southern Tasmania, just 40 minutes from Hobart.

A distinctive horseshoe shape, Arm End is flanked by the river and Ralph’s Bay offering glorious views from every angle – north to Hobart and the sentinel of Mt Wellington, south west to Bruny Island and directly across the water to the cliffs of Tinderbox.

There are secluded bays, cliffs, beaches and perfect picnic points along the coastline with open space to feel the breeze.

Former days as agricultural land saw much native vegetation cleared and sadly the weeds and rabbits gain territory. Thanks to the hard work of the local Coastcare and other groups, some weeds have been controlled and pockets have been re-vegetated but with over 100 hectares needing attention, Arm End needed a new vision.

The land has been leased by Parks & Wildlife to a Tasmanian business and after many years of hard work behind the scenes to gain numerous permits from an array of government and regulatory bodies, this special place will now embark on a new era of stewardship, one we aim to make Tasmanians proud of.

A New Era


Our vision is to build on the spectacular place that Arm End already is, working with the landform to rehabilitate and re-plant native vegetation. The meandering trails will be upgraded and new ones created to make the most of this spectacular place, and the valued natural and heritage stories of the site will be shared with all.

A world class public links style golf course, integrated with the landscape and other recreational activities, is also being built to help fund the rehabilitation. All of this work will provide employment and economic benefits to the local and wider community.

Arm End will continue to be a public space open to walkers, cyclists, birdwatchers, nature-lovers, those who love beaches, fishing, kayaking and even hang gliding. It’s just that now it will have new stewards working on it and caring for it, making a significant investment in an environmental and community legacy as well as a world class recreational facility.

We believe Arm End can become one of Tasmania’s favourite public places – it is already spectacular and our work will regenerate and enhance it for all Tasmanians and visitors alike.

Get a bird’s eye view of this magical Tasmanian place: